Pakistan Society of Teledermatology was founded in 2004 in Lahore by a few devoted dermatologists from renowned teaching institutions and research centers with the prime objective of creating awareness among dermatologists, family practitioners, and general public regarding the need and importance of providing specialist dermatology services through telecommunication to the remote and rural areas of Pakistan. Pakistan Society of Teledermatology aims to provide a forum for the discussion and development of teledermatology within Pakistan. It is also able to provide a source of professional opinion concerning aspects of teledermatology to other medical and non-medical bodies. Members are mainly practising dermatology in secondary or primary care, covering a range of approaches to the medium. The aims of the society are to; Describe teledermatology within Pakistan Offer advice to professionals exploring teledermatology Provide educational opportunities for those practising teledermatology Share national experiences and developments in teledermatology

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