Thursday, April 14, 2005

How to manage an advanced case of PRP?

Pityriasis rubra pilaris is a chronic papulosquamous disorder of unknown etiology characterized by reddish orange scaly plaques, palmoplantar keratoderma, and keratotic follicular papules. It was first described by Tarral in 1828. The disease may progress to erythroderma with distinct areas of uninvolved skin, the so-called islands of sparing. How do you manage an advanced case of PRP? View images

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Dr Ian McColl said...

Dear Shahbaz,
I use Acetretin orally to help with the keratoderma and a weak topical steroid such as Betamethazone 0.02% cream.However most cases have a life of their own and settle after 6 to 9 months .I have found Methotrexate useful but not brilliant.There was an article recently on the use of one of the new immune modulating drugs.I will look for the reference.
Best wishes